The Order of Missionaries of the Augustinian-Recollects is the first group of friars that arrives in the town of Tabuko (Cabuyao) after it has been proclaimed as an “encomienda” by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi on January 16, 1571.


     Years later, when the Augustinians depart, the Franciscans, led by Fray Velin, take over to continue the mission of propagating Christianity in the town. They have decided to build the worship place for the natives in the Brgy. Marinig (for easy access to Laguna Bay); however, it is built on loose sand and frequent flooded area, so the friars have decided to move the church to a higher ground.


     The construction of the permanent church in Poblacion Uno starts in 1763 and it is finished in 1771. It is dedicated to St. Polycarp, bishop, martyr and titular head of the Catholic Church in the whole of Asia.
     Year 1896, when the revolution has reached Cabuyao, the friars abscond the convent secretly to escape the wrath of the town’s people.

In the turn of the century, the church has become silent witness in a bloody combat between the group of Filipino peasants called Sakdalista and the constabulary on May 3, 1935. Roughly 55 to 56 members of Sakdalista are killed.

     During the Japanese occupation, the church serves as a shelter for the wounded soldiers and stable for their horses. When the Americans arrive in 1945, they opt to stay in the patio area while liberating and rebuilding the entire town.

     The post war era gives birth to new church organizations and physical renovations. Parishioners are surprised by the new look of the church; however, the parish construction committee claim that the changes in the appearance of the church are consistent to the order of the Second Vatican Council.


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